About foreign customers/海外のお客様について


A personal beauty salon Re-set for women near Shinsaibashi, Yotsubashi, and Honmachi Station.

Foreign customers (women only) are now available at our salon.
In conjunction with this, a new Honmachi store will be opened.
Business trip massage is also possible.
Our salon is a private salon for women with meridian detox lymph treatment that combines oriental medicine and western medicine.
Our private salon is fully reserved
We propose care tailored to each person, solve the customer’s problems and problems with the motto of careful treatment and friendly counseling, and give results.
Meridian Detox Lymph Treatment is a treatment that warms the body, raises basal metabolism, and makes it easy to discharge waste products.
Recommended for those who have the following problems.
・ Stiff shoulders, whole body stiffness– there is a headache
・ Dull and heavy
・ Slow sleep, cannot sleep
・ It is easy tired, tired is not missing
・ Easy to swell, difficult to remove
・ Cold
・ Lymph flow is poor
・ It is difficult to lose weight due to poor metabolism
 I want to reset my tired body everyday + a place   where I want to be.
Reward for those who do their best every day +  We will be operating with the hope of being a  place where you can be beautiful. We look   forward  to your reservation.
 Meridian Detox Lymph Treatment
  70 minutes ¥ 9,000
100 minutes ¥11,000
130 minutes ¥ 14,000
(with head massage15minutes or foot massage15minutes)
Reservations can also be made online. We look forward to your reservation.
営業時間(business hours)16:00~2:00
受付(reservation hours)15:00~24:00